Meth Tester Hits Back at Gluckman Report on Meth Contamination

Jackie Wright, a public health researcher at Australia’s Flinders University, completed a PhD into the health effects from meth labs.

She said there are documented health effects from meth residue at levels as low as 2mcg/100cm2, and levels did often not depend on whether the house was a meth lab or had been smoked in.

Wright said information she contributed to the Gluckman report had been ignored.
“We do see and we’ve documented health effects in people living in properties with residues in that 2-20mcg/100cm range.

“It’s not correct to say [evidence] doesn’t exist, it does exist and it’s been documented,” she said.

Wright could not say at what level meth became harmful.

“I can’t tell you right now. We’re trying to establish that using the research that we’re doing. But we’re certainly see health effects when we have methamphetamine residue levels anywhere between 2 and 20. In that range we absolutely see health effects, especially in small children.”

Wright said if people were concerned about meth contamination, they should still get their homes tested.

“Absolutely, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be.”

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