Why Should I Conduct Ongoing Meth (P) Tests on my Rental Investment?

  • Insurance companies have strict requirements and do conduct many checks before they accept any meth claim. The insurance companies will look more favourably on accepting a claim if the properties were meth (P) tested between tenants.
  • A property meth tested between tenants will deter any unsavoury tenants.
  • The Tenancy Act 1986 and amendments state “ a property must be presented in a reasonably clean and tidy condition”. Meth free!
  • Tenants are being awarded compensation for living in meth-contaminated properties.
  • Test to provide a safe living environment.

Safe Zones have developed a unique and accurate method of recording where Meth swab testing has been taken during the initial screen e.g (start of tenancy) which enables us to return to the exact location and test again at the end of a tenancy. This testing will provide with a high degree of reliability that contamination detected must have occurred since the previous test. This method of test is perfect for testing rental properties between tenancies.