Protect Your Real Estate Investment – Know What You Are Purchasing

Safe zones provide full Methamphetamine (P) testing services for real estate, carried out by trained and experienced testers. Whether you are purchasing a new home or conducting pre and post tenancy testing for your rental property, keep your investment safe, contact Safe Zones today.


How do we conduct our tests?

Sampling Equipment

Single cotton gauze swabs, infused with methanol, are supplied by the laboratory in a sealed screw cap polypropylene container along with protective gloves and a sampling template (100mm x 100mm).

Sampling Procedure

The locations sampled are, from our experience, locations from where methamphetamine is often found at its highest levels and fairly represent any contamination in the room or dwelling. The selected locations are wiped using the supplied swab and template following the internationally recognised and recommended method described in NOISH 9111.

Safe Zones Drug Testing use a two sample collection option.

Initial Screening

The method used for initial screening to determine if methamphetamine “P” is present or not is “Laboratory Composite Analysis”.

This screen is conducted using discrete or individual (up to ten) samples which are composited at the Laboratory.

This approach allows for multiple samples to be initially screened as a group to determine whether there is evidence of methamphetamine being present.  It also allows for the individual samples to be retained and tested in the event of a high result.  It avoids the high initial cost of individually testing all samples, while also ensuring that individual samples are retained and available for testing if needed.

The samples are prepared individually for analysis.  However, prior to analysis a sub-sample of each is combined into a single composite sample by the laboratory.  This is tested, with the result representing the average of the samples making up the composite, reported as µg/sample.

Detailed Sampling

This method is used when a detailed methamphetamine screen of the dwelling is required, usually after a positive initial screening and provides individual test results for all locations sampled in a property, that can be directly compared with NZ Guidelines.