Rental Property Testing

Why Should I Conduct Ongoing Meth (P) Tests on my Rental Investment?

Pre-Purchase Testing

To protect your investment and ensure that you are not buying an already contaminated home a pre-purchase methamphetamine (P) test […]

Workplace Testing

Ensure the safety of everyone in your working environment with workplace employee drug testing

Home Testing

Protect Your Real Estate Investment – Know What You Are Purchasing

Featured Articles

smoking meth damages property

Studies Show Low Level Meth Contamination IS Harmful to Health

Meth Tester Hits Back at Gluckman Report on Meth Contamination Jackie Wright, a public health researcher at Australia’s Flinders University, […]

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meth testing by safe zones

Do Your Own Due-Diligence

Real Estate Agents to No Longer Disclose Low Meth Levels The latest reports regarding meth testing are contradicting a lot […]

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Why Are Some Testing Methods Better Than Others?

Testing Methods: Laboratory Composite Verses Cumulative Sampling Laboratory Composite Analysis With Laboratory Composite Analysis, individual or discrete samples are collected […]

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Introducing Nigel Withell

Nigel Withell Director and Testing Technician Safe Zones Drug Testing Ltd Nigel Withell has 20 years in the New Zealand […]

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What do the units used to measure methamphetamine residue really mean?

When measuring methamphetamine residues, the unit of measurement is µg (micrograms).  But what exactly does this mean? A microgram is […]

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meth testing by safe zones

New standard to target meth-contaminated properties

Standards New Zealand has released NZS 8510:2017 Testing and decontamination of methamphetamine-contaminated properties, which will provide industry guidance on good practice […]

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Analytica Laborities

All Safe Zones tests are sent away to Analytica Laboratories for analysis. Analytica Laboratories has been developing innovative and game […]

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