Rental Property Testing

Why Should I Conduct Ongoing Meth (P) Tests on my Rental Investment?

Pre-Purchase Testing

To protect your investment and ensure that you are not buying an already contaminated home a pre-purchase methamphetamine (P) test […]

Workplace Testing

Ensure the safety of everyone in your working environment with workplace employee drug testing

Home Testing

Protect Your Real Estate Investment – Know What You Are Purchasing

Featured Articles

New Meth Testing Report Discredits Past Claims

Concerns Are Raised About the Current Method Of  Testing Via PMCSA Report A new meth testing report discredits past claims […]

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smoking meth damages property

Studies Show Low Level Meth Contamination IS Harmful to Health

Meth Tester Hits Back at Gluckman Report on Meth Contamination Jackie Wright, a public health researcher at Australia’s Flinders University, […]

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meth testing by safe zones

Do Your Own Due-Diligence

Real Estate Agents to No Longer Disclose Low Meth Levels The latest reports regarding meth testing are contradicting a lot […]

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Why Are Some Testing Methods Better Than Others?

Testing Methods: Laboratory Composite Verses Cumulative Sampling Laboratory Composite Analysis With Laboratory Composite Analysis, individual or discrete samples are collected […]

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Introducing Nigel Withell

Nigel Withell Director and Testing Technician Safe Zones Drug Testing Ltd Nigel Withell has 20 years in the New Zealand […]

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What do the units used to measure methamphetamine residue really mean?

When measuring methamphetamine residues, the unit of measurement is µg (micrograms).  But what exactly does this mean? A microgram is […]

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meth testing by safe zones

New standard to target meth-contaminated properties

Standards New Zealand has released NZS 8510:2017 Testing and decontamination of methamphetamine-contaminated properties, which will provide industry guidance on good practice […]

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Analytica Laborities

All Safe Zones tests are sent away to Analytica Laboratories for analysis. Analytica Laboratories has been developing innovative and game […]

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